One of our oldest customers, Empire BMX are the next to offer up a few words on why they carry our wears…

We are proud to carry the full Mutiny Bikes line, and have been honored to work closely with the brand over the years. In a time when it’s easy to let the opinions and tastes of others steer the direction brands take, Gaz has plowed ahead doing what he and the team feel is best for Mutiny. Like Empire, Mutiny doesn’t offer anything and everything, but the products they do choose to make speak for themselves, and have stood the test of time. Sure, it’s easy to slap a logo on a 10” bar or plastic peg, but it doesn’t feel right, what’s the point? If you want a product that has time, effort, and thought put into every aspect of its design, production, and use, Mutiny has you covered.

Tom Williams/Empire BMX


Another spectacular 9th Street Halloween Jam is in the books! Thanks to everyone involved in keeping this amazing spot going, all the sponsors, and everyone who participated. 9th Street is a pearl tucked inside the crazy oyster that is Austin, and we are all very fortunate that it’s still kicking after all these years.

Check out www.9thstreetbmx.com for details on how you can contribute. ENJOY YOSELF!


The U.K will be receiving all of our new goods this coming Monday. We’ve been with Seventies Distribution for over 10 years now!

Mutiny’s is one of our most important brands. Period. They have always followed their own path, stayed true to their values and along the way created some of the best edits and full length BMX videos, courtesy of the likes of Joe Simon, Rich Forne and Ryan Navazio. If you need a reminder of how influential the brand has been, remind yourself of how ahead of its time “Stay mystical” was, how unique “Once upon a time in the midlands” was or just how plain beautiful the “Mutiny in Philadelphia” edit was.

It’s hard to think of another brand that has made BMX look so special and diverse. The brand’s ethos has encompassed all parts of BMX, supporting stand out park, street and trails riders over the years, whist nurturing some very special talents; think Matt Roe and Randy Taylor and currently Dylan Lewis in Australia.

Their unique identity forged between the dry sarcasm of the midlands UK and the mysticism of Austin has an extremely passionate fanbase both in the USA and the UK and has always been one of the most credible brands in our portfolio and a happy counterbalance to some of our industry’s excesses.

Colin White/Seventies Distribution


We’re proud to be distributed in Australia by the folks over at Selekt. They just received all of our new goods, which they currently getting out to dealers in Australia.  

Mutiny is something we’re proud to offer to Australian riders. There’s a lot of heart & soul to it & we hope that’s obvious to anyone who looks closely.

It’s has a strong character & graphic language unlike any of the other brands in BMX & fortunately the differences don’t end there.

The products behind the name are refined, thoughtful & functional.
It’s often down to the smaller independent companies to come up with seemingly outlandish ideas which become the norm & make everyone wonder why it hadn’t been done sooner.
Taller headtubes to eliminate fork spacers, creating a stronger frontend & bigger top tube sizes which are infinitely more comfortable for larger riders, are just a couple of those ideas we’ve seen Mutiny bring to the table.

Very few American companies are able to put full effort into their overseas team riders but, on that front Mutiny has gone to great lengths,helping show the world what Australian transition riders are capable of.
Seeing what Gaz has been able to do for Dylan Lewis over the last 18 months only solidifies our respect for Mutiny & I’d encourage riders everywhere to look a little closer at the badge & bones! 

Paul Robertson/Selekt Distribution