The first batch came and went! Next up for Dylan Lewis’s signature Death Grip frame is the new translucent black color with gold decals. We’ve also added a 21″ TT option, as well as the popular 21.3″, 21.6 & 21.8″.

These will be available in a limited capacity in May via your local store, preferred mail order or our very own web store. If you are interesting in pre-ordering one, we’re currently taking a $150 deposit, with the balance($180) and shipping charge due in May at the ship date.


The first event in a big push by the 9th Street Executive Council went down on February 18th. Youngsters from near and far gave the Pump Track their best, and everyone came out a winner! BMX is a community, and this event brought lots of new faces together for the first time. the future of Austin BMX is bright, and 9th Street has been integral to the community for almost 25 years strong. make sure to follow @9thstreetbmx, and check out there will be lots of events in the pipeline, so come on down and shred! a non-profit group has been organized to oversee 9th Street maintenance and events. check the 9th Street site for details on how you can contribute. big ups to everyone who participated, and most of all to the crew behind the scenes who made all of this happen